Micellaneous surgical interventions

Scar correction

Cosmetic surgery comes to the rescue in removing scars. Scar correction represents a simple intervention for our cosmetic surgeons.

Whether it’s scars resulting from injuries, burns, or surgical procedures, they disrupt our appearance and create frustration and dissatisfaction. They cannot be completely removed through surgical means, but they can be minimized to the extent that they are barely noticeable.

This type of operation is performed under local anesthesia, involves surgical cutting of the skin with a scar, and afterwards, the wound is stitched with thin thread to create a fine seam. It is also important that there is enough surrounding tissue to prevent the skin from tightening. Such correction is possible in the case of atrophic and hypertrophic scars.

In the case of keloid scars, surgical intervention could worsen the condition of the scar tissue. In their case, the most common treatment is the injection of corticosteroid preparations. After the scar correction is performed, it is recommended to avoid stretching at the site of the scar to allow the wound to heal nicely, and sun protection is also necessary. Our surgeons will also recommend various products for treating the scar.

Removal of skin lesions

The skin, as our largest organ, is most exposed to external influences, regulates our temperature, and protects us from bacteria. Changes that occur on it can be an aesthetic issue, but can also indicate a health problem.

Skin changes (lipomas, atheromas, moles, papillomas) are most often benign, but some can potentially be of a malignant nature. All these changes can be removed under local anesthesia. The surgical procedure for removing the changes does not require specific preoperative preparation, and their samples are sent for histopathological analysis.

Aside from surgical methods, changes on the skin can also be removed using lasers or radio waves under local anesthesia, after which the skin fully recovers without visible scars. Moles are another type of skin changes that we mostly have since birth. Every change on a mole is a reason for its removal, thereby eliminating the possibility of developing skin tumors. Moles in inconvenient locations prone to injury are also a reason for their removal. The removal is done surgically under local anesthesia, after which a sample is sent for histopathological analysis.

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